The concept for Target Ministries was given to me by The Lord about sixteen or seventeen years ago.  I hesitate to use the word vision because I feel that it is a word overused by Christians to the point of abuse.  I know some Christians that have had more visions than that of all the apostles and prophets put together!

I have been a Christian now for nearly twenty-six years and an ordained minister for nineteen.  During that time I have been privileged to have been used by The Lord to pastor three churches of different denominations.  I am, together with my wife presently attending our local Pentecostal Church at Abertillery.  It was while attending this church that The Lord first brought to my mind the concept of “Target Ministries”.  The purpose of the ministry is to identify or target specific areas of need either in churches, individuals or families and then pray, preach or council into them.

When I first mentioned target ministries to my then pastor the reply I received was “leave it with me” which I did and never heard the subject mentioned again.  Note to all pastors, never make promises that you cannot or have no intention of keeping!  However, The Lord kept on bringing it to my mind and I suppose kept it simmering on the back burner so to speak, that is until recently.  A few weeks ago The Lord again took it off the back burner and placed it squarely on the centre ring and turned the heat up full blast.  I then knew that I must take some sort of action but what, this was the question.  I committed the matter into the hands of The Lord and as usual He arranged circumstances as to show me the next step.  My wife and I attended an evening of song given by a local Christian choir at a Pentecostal church not far from us, a few miles away and after the concert we were talking to the elder there.  He then gave me a date to preach at his church and gave me his business card if I needed to contact him.  It was then The Lord impressed on me that I too should get some cards printed which promoted Target Ministries.  That being done the next step I thought The Lord was leading me to take was to put an informative page on the site, which I have now done.

Well, that’s about it.  You now know as much as I do.  As things unfold in the plan of our Lord I will update this page.  Until then, God bless you.

The latest news is that I have (after prayer) approached two brothers about joinning Target Ministries in an advisory capacity and they have agreed!  So now I have good mature men that can advise and pray with me.  As I said before I don't know where The Lord will take this but where ever that may be I pray that He alone will be glorified!
Well, there's not a lot to report.  I have given cards out to a few people (those I felt led to) but so far The Lord has not done much really.  I am not going to fall into the trap of moving in the flesh so I'll just wait on The Lord and keep on updating on here as and when. Sorry nothing more yet, gotta be patient!

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