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This site is a really cool way of helping people just click on The Hunger Site and all will become clear.

Try this and see what you think.  Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea.  The Ship Of Fools.

This is in my opinion one of the best sites out there which promotes the biblical case for a young earth, A.I.G.  For a detailed examination of creationism, (old earth) then  click here

This is a site I visit frequently so why don't you give it a go? The Audio Bible.

This is one for the eggheads among us who enjoy delving into the deeper theological issues.

For those of us who like to study The Word of God.  A good site but just one of many out there.  Bible study site.

This is IMHO is the best free resource on the net for the serious Bible student. E-sword (The Electronic Sword Of The Lord) is all you need for Bible study, here you will find many translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and much more.  Get it now!

This is the site of the well known Christian relief organisation Tear Fund.  Thank The Lord for them as they do excellent work and unlike others ALL the money they receive goes into their relief work.

Here we have the Metropolitan Tabernacle a must for Spurgeon devotees.  The bookshop is a place to buy quality Christian books at bargin prices.

If you are involved in children's ministry then you could try here

If it's theological podcasts you're after then look no further than here: Wayne Grudem's fine site

For good Biblical preaching try the site of Times Square Church NYC.

The wedsite of Christian Solidarity International  Be informed about worldwide persecution of Christians

What about taking part in an online 24 -7 prayer meeting then Click here

If you want to keep up with the latest from Christian Concern then try here

If you are looking for a banner for your church or home then this is a fine site indeed: The Christian Banner site

 I don't see how anyone can visit this site and not believe in a Creator God.  GIve it a go and click here

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