Church Page

This page is all about the church we attend.  Peniel Pentecostal Church is situated in a small town in the South Wales valleys called Abertillery.  The picture above shows the main worship area.  There is a balcony area and the seating capacity of the church is about one hundred or so.  We have been Christians just over twenty-five years and this is the church where it all happened for us.

I don't know a lot about the history of the building but I do know that it's over one hundred years old and has been a police station and a Welsh language church in its time. 

Here is another view of the sanctuary.  The church has been redecorated in recent years but I personally think that the odd coat of paint would not go unappreciated!

Tillery Street
Gwent South Wales

This is a shot of the exterior of the church in Tillery Str as on the home page.  Both my wife and myself have seen so much happen in this building that it's unbelievable and you would have had to have been there!

This is part of a recent extension to the original building.  Which was achieved through the goodness of God in answering prayer and by the sacrificial giving of God's people.

This is the kitchen or bits of it anyway.  So far this has been well used (along with the extension) by the church and community.  Why not come along to Oasis and enjoy a home cooked meal and a cuppa.  A nice social get together!

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