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Hi, well here we are at our picture page.  It's not bad I suppose but more pics may be added at a later date and some may get replaced to give a true representation of what's going on.

Photography used to be a bit of a hobby of mine but I could never afford any decent equipment to take it anywhere.  However, I've been bold (or stupid) enough to include a few of my snaps here just to mix things up a bit.  I hope you like them.  I warn you now I'm no David what's his face, these are strictly snapshots, no fancy light work or filters just the point and shoot variety.

These are just a few snowy trees.  I just liked the way they looked so I snapped em.

View from a tram window. Llandudno North Wales 2008.

This is my personal favourite.  I've had it enlarged and at present it's hanging on our living room wall.  My wife puts up with it for my sake.  I don't know who the guy is but I approached him and asked him if I could take his photo and he agreed.  The end of Llandudno Pier 2008.

Fishermen on the end of Llandudno pier.  I didn't know if this would look better in colour or B&W.  I decided that B&W captured something more of the atmosphere.

This is Elijah Peter (his first day here) and he is the latest edition to the family.  He was 9lb.13oz born and has (as you would expect} stolen all our hearts.  His big brother is already wanting to look after him. 

Proud dad (rightly so) with his son. When dad introduced us he said: "nice isn't he?"  Yeah, we'd go along with that.

I look like he's done one but he didn't, it's just a long time since I've held a new baby.  I think he's just perfect, just like his brother Noah.

This is Noah, Mum and Grandma.  Noah is quite small here and I have to confess and say that I've forgotten how old he was here.  Let's just say he's still very young!

Noah Christmas day 2010.  As with all kids he was more interested in the paper than any of his presents,  Already though he's developing fast.  Why do they seem to grow up so quickly?

Mum, uncle and Noah when he was only a few days old.

Once again Noah and his mum.  We couldn't be more chuffed (as if it didn't show) with them both.  I can't help wondering what he'll be like in a few years time D.V.

Mum and Noah sleepy head.

Noah in one of his camera "poses".  He has a habit of turning away from the camera just as you shoot.  However, this time I managed to catch him.

Well what can I say about these two?  Me and Chris trying to look serious for at least the time it took to snap this.  Think we managed it?

Mam, Grandma and Elijah.  Grandma just had to hold him lol.

Uncle for the second time and he couldn't be more pleased!

Here's good ol Grandma with her newest Grandson.  Got to give her the last one of the session.  We're all just captured by him. Yeah, and why not?

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