I have decided to upload my Genesis Bible study outlines.  The purpose of these outlines is not to impart information but stimulate prayful thought and reflection. This month it's Gen. Ch 3.

Bible Study 16/2/11


Genesis Ch3


Reading Gen.3




Well here’s where all the problems start and what problems there are!  Notice please that Satan’s tactics have not changed since this time and also notice the grace of God even in this early revelation of Him.


1) The Fall Of Man Vs. 1 - 6

A) The Five Steps


1) Listening to Satan

2) Engaging him

3) Looking

4) Wanting

5) Taking


B) The Enemy’s Limitations 

C) The Enemy’s Strength


2) Consequences Of Sin Vs. 7 – 19


A) Awareness

B) Shame

C) Conviction & Fear

D) Evading Responsibility

E) Serpent Judged

F) Pain In Childbirth

G) The Ground Cursed

H) Fallen Creation


3) The Grace Of God Vs. 20 – 24


A) He Clothed Them

B) He Expelled Them

C) He Prevented Them








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