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These are our children Charlotte and Joshua.  Although it is quite obvious that they are not children anymore.  We also have a grandson Noah (see pic page) but more of him later.  Our two are miracles in their own right.  Charlotte would not have been born at all were it not for the intervention of God.  It was thought that my wife was having an ectopic pregnancy and she was just about to go down to the operating theatre to be taken away when the doctor decided she would check one last time.  When she did she found all was normal and Charlotte was born double breech and weighing in at 6lb 4oz.  Joshua was found to have major kidney problems on a scan before he was born and at birth he weighed 7lbs 13oz and that was nearly all excess fluid!  We were told he had a polycistic kidney which was poisoning his system and that we should be prepared to lose him.  However, we took it to The Lord in prayer and his bad kidney just disolved away completely.  His weight went down to 6lb 4oz (the same as his sister) and we still have him today at twenty-four.  He has undergone a kidney transplant and has graduated from university with a degree in computer games design.  Glory To God!

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Well here we are on the web and let me state right off the bat that our site is Christian and as such is a tribute to The Lord Jesus Christ and His grace in our lives.  Here you will find personal testimonies of saving grace, miracles, up to the minute news and of course the gospel.  Also I've endeavoured to be totally honest because there are lots of things I don't understand and suppose that in this life I never will. I will try and post some fresh thoughts every month and it is  my fervent prayer that people will be encouraged and blessed! 

 Since April 2010 we have been attending Peniel Pentecostal Church in Abertillery which is situated in Gwent, South Wales.  This is the church where we first became Christians ie, were saved by an act of Sovereign grace.  Back in the 90's I looked after this church for a year (now for a bit of honesty) and it was one of the hardest years of my life!  More of that later.  Peniel is quite a small church in number but has great potential in Christ.  For a small church we are really blessed with a small sunday school, a thriving youth work in the week and God-given members who take turns in leading the worship.


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